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And something for adults: teachers, parents, and enthusiastic scribes

Praktický manuál “Comenia Script® universal” / “Comenia Script® universal“ practical manual
Comenia Script® universal handwriting practice guide, whose basic principle is simplicity and readability. The practical manual is intended especially for primary school teachers, parents and also for anyone who wants to improve their handwriting. Included is an attachment composed of 13 worksheets and a pad with a line. A5 format, 48 pages (+ 14 sheets of attachment). > Order (CZ)

“Comenia Script® universal“ practical manual

Praktický manuál “Comenia Script® – kaligrafická forma” / “Comenia Script® – calligraphic style“ practical manual
Guide to practical practice of writing “Comenia Script®A” and “Calligraphic style.” The book is intended for enthusiastic scribes who want to improve their handwriting and develop it into a calligraphic style. Included is an attachment from worksheets in the basic alphabet “Comenia Script®A” provided for right-handers and left-handers. It also contains worksheets for practicing the calligraphic form using a calligraphic pen. A5 format, 60 pages (+ 40 sheets of attachment). > Order (CZ)

“Comenia Script® – calligraphic style“ practical manual

Rozhovory o písmu rukopisném / Interviews on handwriting
The publication brings to life the topic of handwritten writing, the basic graphic expression of every person. The main topic of the publication is handwriting and calligraphy at present. It is an in-depth probe and at the same time a research into the field of handwriting, with the aim of finding out what role the school writing pattern plays in everyday life and what is the position of calligraphy as a field of art in our “computer” age.
The book is based on interviews with twenty-four personalities of Czech typography and graphic design with a sample of their manuscripts and work (Josef Týfa, Jan Solpera, Clara Istlerová, František Štorm, Aleš Najbrt, Robert V. Novák, and others). It also contains manuscript facsimiles of several personalities of czech typographic and calligraphic works (Vojtěch Preissig, Oldřich Menhart, František Muzika, Oldřich Hlavsa and others).
The book is intended for anyone interested in visual culture and can also be a suitable study material for students in the field of writing and graphic design. It received an award in the competition “The Most Beautiful Czech Books of 2007.” > Order (CZ)

Interviews on handwriting, double page with Josef Týfa