Teacher training

Do you want to attend the Comenia Script® training?


These organizations offer training

Začít spolu
E: info@sbscr.cz, T: 222 963 596, www.zacitspolu.eu

Studio aktivit a vzdělávání
E: kubice.studio@seznam.cz, T: 725 845 550, www.studio-av.cz

Teachers trainings organized in the Czech Republic are led by a Czech lecturer in the Czech language.


Comenia Script® school handwriting in practice
/ Certified methodical online teachers training

Lecturer: Mgr. Andrea Cinegová

Contact: Indícia, n.o.
E: indicia@indicia.sk
T: +421 0948 895 170

Teachers trainings organized in Slovakia are led by a Slovak teacher in the Slovak language.

If there are more teachers at your school who would like to be trained, it is possible to arrange a teacher training directly at your school.