Teaching materials for the 2nd and 3th grade

Travel around the world with Comenia Script® copybooks

We already learned to write in the 1st grade: what if we now travel around the world with writing? During the practice of writing, we will visit many countries, discover interesting places and learn a lot of foreign words… Our guide will be “Plyšák“ the Mouse.

Umím psát na cestách 1, 2 / I can write on the road 1, 2 (copybook)
Two copybooks for Comenia Script® writing practice. The copybook is conceived as a trip around the world. With each letter, the children visit one country, which is linked to one letter. The copybook is traditional in that students repeat the writing of letters they already know from the 1st grade, fix the correct shapes, but also the correct proportions of the alphabet, regular inclination, correct spaces, etc. One page in the copybook represents one letter and one country.
On each page you will find exercises for copy and transcription. In addition, there are short exercises, such as self-dictation, completing the correct diacritical marks, puzzles, various interesting things, etc. A4 format, 2 x 32 pages. > Order (CZ)

I can write on the road 1, 2 (copybook)

Sešit A5 pro 2. ročník / Workbook A5 for the 2nd grade
Workbook with Comenia Script® style line. A5 format, 32 pages. > Order

Orange workbook for the 2nd grade

Záložka s abecedou pro 2. ročník / Bookmark with alphabet for 2nd grade
A reduced version of the alphabet on a strip of paper that will fit in any Comenia Script® copybook . The writing model for the 2nd grade is slanted, and contains shape variants (4 x 29.7 cm). > Order (CZ)

Bookmark with alphabet for 2nd grade

We don’t stop traveling in the third grade, but this time we will travel through the history of writing! As we practice writing, we will discover different writing styles of the world, decipher old inscriptions, and learn a lot of new things … our guide will be Kaňka Inkoustová (the Ink Blot).

Putujeme za písmem / We are traveling for writing (copybook for the 3rd to 9th grade)
The full-color and richly illustrated copybook follows the copybook “I can write” and “I can write on the road.” The copybook is intended for pupils in the 3rd to 9th grade and gives an insight into the history of writing. It allows you to travel through time from the beginnings of writing to the present. Pupils will get acquainted with various forms of Latin script, but also with the script of other cultures and areas. The aim of the copybook is to arouse children’s interest in writing, handwriting styles, and written communication. A4 format, 48 pages. > Order (CZ)

We are traveling for writing (copybook)