Fonts Comenia Script®

Create individual worksheets with Comenia Script® fonts

Font benefits
With the Comenia Script® font, you can readily create, for example, your own worksheets for teaching, even individually for each student, depending on what they need to practice. Now you can also use practical fonts with links and not waste time by linking.

The Comenia Script® font can also be used to read texts that the teacher creates and prints. Here I recommend working with a larger font size, at least 15pt and more. Comenia Script® universal fonts have the character of a “light” cut. If you work with an interactive smartboard connected to a computer in the classroom, the text to be read may appear directly on the smartboard.

Comenia Script® uni 4 Regular / Comenia Script® uni 3 Italic

Disadvantages of the font
The font does not give you the impression that you can actually write the original writing font, computer simulation cannot replace it. Seeing your teacher as he writes is the most important inspiration and experience for students.

Overview of Comenia Script® universal fonts:

Comenia Script® fonts are intended primarily for schools, teachers and parents in home teaching. Fonts are provided for a fee based on a license agreement with the author. For more information, please write to me at:

Sample worksheet created by a teacher